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Category: Civil Engineering Project: Brantry Forest Improvement Scheme Client: Mid Ulster District Council Value Range: <£500k

Brantry Forest

Category: Civil Engineering Location: Brantry Forest Improvement Scheme Client: Mid Ulster District Council Value Range: <£500k

Project Details:

This project was identified by Brantry Area Rural Development in partnership with Mid-Ulster District Council and co-funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). It aims to promote participation in outdoor physical activities as well as encourage people to use forests and green spaces close to them.

The scheme involved the resurfacing of approx. 3km of forestry path, constructing 500m of new path, the install of outdoor furniture, play equipment and upgrades to the lodge building and car park area.

Within the lodge a new solid wood kitchen and stove have both been fitted in the building, also specialist painting contractor was brought to repaint all of the internal walls including kitchen bathroom and seating area. An external defibrillator was sourced and fitted to the outside of the building and the internal wiring of the building was recertified.

Fencing was erected around the boundary of the lodge to stock proof the site as it is based in a rural area. An autumn mix of decorative gravel was spread to enhance the entrance into the lodge. New power points with an electric supply and a water supply in a vandal proof kiosk had to be specially designed and manufactured for caravans and motorhomes to utilise when using the facility. Play equipment installed included a large pyramid climbing net, trim trail, super rope end swinger slide and a vine climber. The picnic area was finished off with a new stone clad BBQ and 5no new picnic benches along with new bins. A large bespoke pergola structure was installed leading from the picnic area up to the forest walk welcoming walkers from the carpark.

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